[Small group tour review] Namhansanseong Fortress Fam tour


On October 30th, workers from diplomatic offices in Korea and their families went on the last Fam Tour to Namhansanseong Fortress. The autumn leaves were at their peak on the day we visited. They were so vibrant that we were able to really appreciate and enjoy the beauty of nature. Let’s take a look at what happened during the Namhansanseong Fortress trip, which was full of fun activities!


The very first stop of the tour was Namhansanseong Haenggung (Temporary Palace), which served as a temporary palace during war in the Joseon Dynasty. At the temporary palace, participants dressed up in Confucian scholar uniforms and took mock state examinations. The exam consisted of a simple quiz a question to assess the participants’ writing abilities. After taking the exam, participants who received first, second, and third place were given the opportunity to present their own works, which they wrote about Namhansanseong Fortress.


The participants then got to play the dalgona game, which is well-known thanks to the wildly popular show Squid Game on Netflix. To win the game, you must use a pointed tool, like a needle, to carve out the shape stamped into the delicate candy without breaking it, all within the allotted amount of time- just three minutes! Everyone carefully poked along the shape resulting in a time full of joy and sorrows. Some were able to easily remove the shape, while others unfortunately wound up breaking their shape.


When it comes to games in Korean culture, you can’t forget about ddakji (slap-match)! It’s a game where you have to hit folded paper tiles in order to flip them over. The CEO even personally demonstrated how to play. You might think that they would be so easy to flip over… but, even in the photo, you can see everyone exerting all of their strength to flip over the paper tiles that refuse to budge.


Participants also played “Tuho Game,” which was the most competitive, and “Red light, Green light,” which was played in teams. Everyone had a lot of fun on the tour, including the participants who dressed up as Confucian scholars and played Korean games, as well as the other visitors to Namhansanseong Fortress who got to observe them having a good time.


After a delicious lunch, we went on an English guided tour of Namhansanseong Fortress. We had a difficult time making it uphill because it was so much steeper than expected, but it didn’t matter once everyone arrived to the observatory and saw the breathtaking view. We spent time there snapping pictures, admiring the scenery, and walking about taking in the sights.


The video from this year’s final Fam Tour at Namhansanseong Fortress will be uploaded to the “Korea.net” YouTube channel this Friday. Don’t forget to check it out, let’s enjoy it together!