[Shooting review] Yeongju Sosuseowon Confucian Academy, Seonbichon Confucianist Village


Seowons were private educational institutions that were built for academic research and to serve as memorial rites for Confucian sages from the mid-Joseon Dynasty, while also operating as a self-governing administrative structure for local villages. Yeongju’s Sosu Seowon was the first seowon in Korea with a title bestowed by the throne and received support in the form of government officials, books, and land. In recognition of its significance, Sosu Seowon was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2019. Here, we filmed a student and a teacher enjoying a stroll on the hillside.


The Hanbok that Gabriel(Brazil) is wearing is an outfit worn by a student who received the highest passing marks in the Gwageo, a national civil service examination to select government officials. The ‘Eosahwa’, or paper flowers that were awarded by the king to civil servants and military officials who passed the exam with honors, placed on top of his official’s hat makes an impressive spectacle.


The members headed to the scholar’s village neighboring Sosu Seowon, the birthplace of Confucianism culture in Korea. The village is well-known as a filming site for historical dramas and movies. The scholar’s village replicates a place where classical scholars lived and did academic research, elucidating characteristics of regional architecture. The harmony between the aged tiled-roof houses and thatched-roof houses creates a traditional atmosphere that makes it feel as if you had traveled back in a time machine.


Yana(Belarus) leaves the house in a traditional wedding dress. She has colorful stripes on her Hanbok sleeves, a Binyeo, or traditional hairpin, on the back of her head, and a Jokduri, or Korean coronet. The ribbons tied to her hairpin and the red dots, called Yeonji Gonji, on her face are indicative characteristics of wedding attire.


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