[Shooting review] Yeongju – Sosu Seowon


On Saturday, October 31st, our K-UNESCO Adventurers went on a trip to Yeongju, a heart of Confucianism and the place where the first Confucian academy was established. Marcella from Brazil and Belle from the Philippines were so excited to spend a day in this wonderful city!

Our first stop was Seonbichon, a village of scholars. Seonbichon was the place where Confucian scholars (seonbi) stayed during their studies and exams in the academy. Just like diligent seonbis, Marcella and Belle also took a couple of classes there! They learnt calligraphy, Confucian values and even etiquette! For sure, now they would pass their seonbi exam without any problem!

After the classes they went to the real Confucian Academy – Sosu Seowon, which actually was the first Confucian Academy in Korea and is now UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. They took a quick tour within the academy walls, surrounded by beautiful mountains, streams and gingko trees. They also had to find a post box there to write a letter to themselves and make their last K-UNESCO Adventure special!

After that our Adventurers went to a traditional market in Yeongju where they met the mayor! They had a talk strolling through Yeongju 365 traditional market, and even had a mukbang time together! Definitely, this trip has become really special to all of us.

If you’re curious about what happened during the shooting, check out our YouTube channel!