[Shooting review] The Kimchi Quiz


In September our K-UNESCO Adventurers gathered together again to have fun and try to beat each other in a Kimchi quiz battle. Everyone was very excited to try winning over the opponent team!


The adventurers played the Kichi tic-tac-toe game, where they had to guess the right answer in a question dedicated to kimjang – a UNESCO Intangible Heritage of Humanity – or kimchi, Korea’s most famous dish. The team representatives had to run up to the table and push the button before their opponent would. Every time a team matched the right answer they had a chance to win the game!



What would happen to the loser team though? Well, each time a team lost a tic-tac-toe round the winning team would hit them with a rubber hammer. You’d better learn about kimchi next time!


The teams had a fun time playing the game, got to know a lot of interesting facts about kimchi and kimjang and released their stress!


What fun facts about kimjang have the teams learnt? Who got hit the most? Which team won the kimchi challenge? Find out in a new episode of K-UNESCO Adventures!