[Shooting review] Tea Talk with a Buddhist Monk Live


Today, the entire cast from K-UNESCO Adventures gathered at the Buddhism Central Museum for the final filming of ‘Tea Talk with Buddhist Monk Live’. It was bittersweet, realizing that this would be the last time we would all be together.



The Buddhism Central Museum is not only a space for exhibitions of preserved relics, but it’s also a center for Buddhist educational courses. We visited the museum to check out a very special exhibit. We toured around the museum alongside, Monk Seongmin, who is the chief monk of Gounsa Temple located on Mt. Deungunsan. Monk Seongmin shared important facts and intriguing points about the exhibit, which made it easy to grasp and understand the content.



Have you ever seen the Korean movie, Along with the Gods? If you have, please pay close attention to this part of the livestream. It was also incredibly fascinating to learn about how to distinguish Buddhas by their hands!



After the museum tour, the cast and staff gathered have a discussion about today’s filming, prior to the official preparations for the talk show with Monk Deokjae.



When we finished filming, the cast and staff came together for one last group photo. It’s still hard to believe that all the tours and filming for this year have come to an end! If you missed the livestream of the ‘Tea Talk with Buddhist Monk Live’ where Monk Deokjae shared several fun anecdotes, you can always watch the full video on our YouTube channel ‘koreanet’.

We are excited to return next year with even more exciting programs!                           Take care and see you soon!