[Shooting review] Seocheon- Hansanmosi


On August 4th the first K-UNESCO Adventurers team set off on an adventure in Seocheon-gun, Chungcheonnam Province. Meggie from the USA and Seba from Chile were super excited to finally learn about the famous Hansanmosi weaving!

We decided not to keep them waiting and went straight to the Hansanmosi Experience Center to try weaving the Hansanmosi fabric ourselves. Seba and Meggie met Ms Bang, UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, who offered them a weaving class. It was so fun to learn about a centuries-old weaving technique and the stories from the past!

However, this was not the end of the Hansanmosi adventure. Seba and Meggie tried on the clothes made with Hansanmosi, and then got their first note with a task! They had three pictures with the First Lady of Korea wearing traditional clothes, and they had to choose which of those were made with Hansanmosi grass. It was truly a challenge, but Seba and Meggie made it and got their prize: a real hansanmosi tteok! We had to hurry up though, because another place in Seocheon was waiting for us.

Our second destination was the National Institute of Ecology, a huge research center and an eco-park which has five different climate zones recreated inside of the building to teach people about different eco-systems of the world. Meggie and Seba had another challenge inside of the NIE, where they had to find all the animals and plants belonging to each of the climate zones. It was pretty hard, but they made it and got a hint about their next destination: Samhwa Brewery! Get the party started~

On the way to the brewery our Adventurers saw a beautiful reed field from the bus window and decided to take a look around there. Turned out it was the famous Sinseong-ri Reed Field which was even featured in famous dramas and movies, such as Joint Security Area or the Kingdom! Meggie and Seba had fun playing zombies in the reed, and then headed to our next destination.

Samhwa Brewery is a well-known place in Seocheon because it brews one of the most famous traditional liquors in Korea: Sogokju! Sogokju is a traditional rice alcohol which even the Baekje kings from 1500 years ago enjoyed drinking!

Meggie and Seba learnt how to make the kings’ liquor, tried several cocktails made with Sogokju and even took part in a special cocktail competition where they had to make their own Sogokju-based cocktails with the ingredients they had to find in the room. Seba won this challenge and got a ticket to the Skywalk, but he was so kind to invite Meggie with him. Lucky Meggie!

The first K-UNESCO Adventurers team finished their day trip to Seocheon enjoying the magnificent sunset on the coast of the Yellow Sea. What a nice adventure it was!

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