[Shooting review] Kimchi Cooking Class with Chef


Ta-da! Don’t these dishes look delicious? Today a top hotel chef shared two easy to follow western-style recipes that feature kimchi as a main ingredient.


Before they got to cooking, the chef told Elina some interesting anecdotes about kimchi, he also shared some memories he has of kimjang(tradition of making and sharing kimchi). Hearing these stories you can see the role kimchi plays in Korean’s memories and how special those memories are.


While Eugene finishes setting up the microphones, Elina and the chef have neatly prepared their ingredients and are ready to start cooking up something delicious.


Shouldn’t your dish taste just as good as the chef’s if you follow the same recipe and use the same ingredients? Elina seemed hopeful that everything would go well. Aren’t you curious to see how her cooking turned out?


For the finishing touch, the cheese on top of the kimchi gratin was melted with a torch! The flame was much brighter and stronger than expected, which was a little scary, but that was easy to overlook when the bubbling cheese looked so mouth-wateringly tasty. Make sure to watch the Kimchi Live Stream Highlight so that you don’t miss out on the two recipes that will be shown!