[Shooting review] Changdeokgung Palace


On Wednesday, September 16th, Sam from Ghana and Nansi from Bulgaria went on a zombie hunt to Changdeokgung! Sounds strange? Well, the royal palace was the filming site for the famous Netflix TV-series ‘Kingdom‘, so no wonder K-UNESCO Adventurers went there to look for zombies!

Not only is Changdeokgung a beautiful place to visit, but it is also a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, full of stories and legends. Nansi and Sam explored the royal palace and even got pranked by the shooting team! In the end, Sam got bitten by zombies and had to wear an ugly mask all the way.

Poor Nansi had to save zombie Sam by solving the Obangsaek quiz, where she checked her knowledge of Korean traditional color system. It was not easy, but in the end they made it and got the hint to treating Sam: a note with a word ‘Donguibogam’.

What could that Donguibogam mean? To understand that they went to Yangyeong market, one of the biggest traditional herb markets in Seoul, and later the hints from one of the store owners lead them to their final destination: Herbal Medicine Museum, a place where a copy of Donguibogam is displayed! Turned out it is the most important book in Korean traditional medicine, a Bible of herbs and the ways to treat your body.

Soon after they found the book, Sam went upstairs to get treated and our poor Nansi had another impossible challenge to complete. She had to dress up as a Joseon dynasty physician and find several herbs, their names written in traditional Chinese characters! So, while Sam was enjoying massage and face masks, Nansi was definitely having a hard time. Finally, she managed to find everything and they both got a chance make a special oil consisting of 13 traditional herbs as a prize!

During the oil making Sam and Nansi had a talk with the Herb Museum curator about four different energy types in Korean medicine. They found out they have different energy and body types: Nansi being cheerful and bright, and Sam, hmm… maybe a future president?

If you’re curious about what happened during the shooting, check out our YouTube channel!