[Shooting review] Ansong – Namsadang


On Friday, October 16th our last team of K-UNESCO Adventurers went to Anseong city in search of the first Hallyu star! Belle from the Philippines and Marcella from Brazil were all excited for the trip to Namsadang UNESCO heritage.

They first came to Chongryongsa temple and learnt about the touching story of Kim Amdeok, more known as Baudeogi. Baudeogi was a girl from a poor peasant’s family and she became famous all over Korea for her outstanding performances in Namsadang, a troupe of street performers that previously consisted only of men. Marcella and Belle got a chance to become Baudeogi themselves, so we all headed out to Namsadang center.

At the center Marcella and Belle met the performers and even tried themselves in beona (plate spinning), sangmo dolligi (paper hat dance) and even tightrope walking! Check out the first episode to see how many plates they dropped when trying to spin them.

After that they got to meet a mysterious guest. The note said that just like Baudeogi was the first female street artist in Joseon, that guest is also the first female (?) of Anseong! Belle and Marcella tried so many variants (they even thought their guest was Baudeogi’s granddaughter!), until they finally got to meet… the first female mayor of Anseong city! The girls couldn’t believe their eyes. What a surprise!

While Belle and Marcella were having lunch they noticed the beautiful bronze brassware, and they definitely had something to tell us about those bowls! The name of the dinnerware is yugi, the royal dinnerware, and it has been handcrafted in Anseong for several centuries! Belle and Marcella decided to check out the famous Anseong Yugi center to find out themselves how the bronze dinnerware of the kings is made.

Belle and Marcella saw the process of making yugi, and they even tried to make it. Marcella was brave enough to pour lava-like copper and tin into the form to make their own special yugi ornament! It turned out really pretty and shiny.

After that, the girls went to Incheogol farm, where they had a race and picked one of the most expensive grape sorts in Korea: shine muscat! Unfortunately, our tall Marcella lost the race and had to dig out sweet potatoes with her bare hands, like a real farmer, and Belle was very kind to share her grapes with her.

Our final destination that day was Anseong Farmland with its wide landscapes and beautiful nature! Anseong Farmland was actually the first real farm in Korea, and now it has become a huge outdoor park where everyone can enjoy meeting all kinds of farm animals, from rabbits to alpacas! The girls also tried their specialty, ice cream made with organic milk from the cows grown there. They finished the day having fun with the animals and taking pictured in magnificent cosmos flower field.


If you’re curious about what happened during the shooting, check out our YouTube channel!