[K-UNESCO Adventures 2022 l Ep.8] The True Meaning of Yeongsanjae – Documentary


This is a documentary about Yeongsanjae (영산재), a Buddhist ceremony that reenacts the Buddha’s sermon of the Lotus Sutra (법화경, 法華經) on Vulture Peak, Yeongchwisan (영취산, 靈鷲山). In 2009, it became a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The ceremony takes place at Bongwonsa (봉원사) Temple. This temple was founded by National Master Doseon in A.D. 889 and originally built on the site of what is now the Yonsei University campus. In 1748, it was moved to its current location on Mt. Ansan. Venerable Wonheo Choi (원허), President of the Yeongsanjae Preservation Association, gives a detailed explanation about the ceremony and the significance of this ritual. Hope you enjoy this documentary! Don`t forget to like and subscribe! 🙂

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