[K-UNESCO Adventures 2022 l Ep.3]Lotus Lantern Festival goes global in Seoul! | Global Influencers


Meet a team of global influencers from 15 different countries who participated in Yeondeunghoe, the Lotus Lantern Festival in Seoul and UNESCO Intangible Heritage of Humanity! The festival is only held once a year, so the team members have prepared for it very well: they participated in the meetings to understand more about the festival, researched the best content to create. Finally the big day came! During the festival the participants made their own beautiful lanterns, joined the parade, made new friends and had a lot of fun 🙂 In this video, you can see the team’s lantern journey and the content they have produced about Yeondeunghoe. The Lotus Lantern Festival held in downtown Seoul is an amazing opportunity to make great memories, so make sure to join in when you come to South Korea!

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