[K-UNESCO Adventures 2022 l Ep.17] Buddha’s Relic at Tongdosa Temple – 4K ASMR


In 2022, K-UNESCO Adventures were held centering around “sansa” or “Buddhist Mountain
Monasteries in Korea.” We visited seven mountain temples around the country. In this video, you can find our final destination of the year: Tongdosa Temple (통도사).
Located in the city of Yangsan, Tongdosa is considered the largest temple in Korea with over 50 buildings inside the compound. It’s also one of the Three Jewels Temples, alongside Haeinsa and Songgwangsa.The last chapter of this year’s adventure was joined by some ambassadors and embassy personnels from around the world, which included the Tongdosa Temple Stay program. In this video, they share their experiences, thoughts, and feelings about the Korean culture. Discover more in this video and don’t forget to like and subscribe!

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