[K-UNESCO Adventures 2022 l Ep.12] We Saw the Tripitaka Koreana – Vlog


Tripitaka Koreana (wooden printing blocks of Korean Buddhist scriptures, 해인사 고려대장경판 및 제경판) is a UNESCO Memory of the World. It is believed to be the oldest and most comprehensive collection of Buddhist scriptures that relate to discourses with the Buddha, regulations of monastic life, and commentaries on the sutras by renowned monks and scholars.

An innovative preservation technology ahead of its time was used to prevent the corrosion of these woodblocks, so they still remain today and are on display at Haeinsa Temple (해인사).

Mariana (Brazil) and Iman (USA) visited Haeinsa Temple and walked inside the Janggyeong Panjeon (장경판전), the depositories for the Tripitaka Koreana woodblocks. The monk guided them through the shelves and shared stories about its amazing history and technology.

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