[K-UNESCO ADVENTURERS SEASON2 EP.1] We found a golden piggie in Gyeongju!


The first destination of 2021 K-UNESCO ADVENTURES is Gyeongju, also known as the “Museum without walls” and a city known for its preservation of many cultural sites and artifacts. In front of the Dabotap, Clotilde and TJ are comparing it to its depiction on the ten-won coin! And it looks like they have already met the statue of the golden piggie! Shall we travel together to find what interesting tales lie within the Bulguksa Temple, and explore its various treasures and stories that await us?

2021년 K-UNESCO ADVENTURES의 첫 방문지는 담 없는 박물관이라 불리며 많은 문화 유적을 간직한 경주입니다. 다보탑 앞에서 10원짜리 동전을 비추어보는 Clotilde(프랑스)와 TJ(베트남)! 그리고 이곳에서 만난 황금돼지까지! 다양한 보물과 이야기를 간직하고 있는 불국사에 어떤 흥미로운 이야기가 있는지 함께 떠나볼까요?