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    July, mid-summer, in Korea started with a very nice opportunity to get closer to Korean culture. Through Heritage in Korea I had the opportunity to know more about this country and culture that I admire~ plus having a nice time with my friends 🙂

    Though the itinerary seemed quite relaxed we had a busy day full with activities. Everything started by visiting the Gyeonggi Korean Traditional Music Center where we had hands on experience with the Janggu, one of the five instruments used for Nongak or Farming music. I totally loved the teacher, and how we could manage to learn several music patters~ 

    Learning Bongsan mask dance was very interesting, I love Korean traditional dances but having to learn a little bit is totally different from just watching a performance. Coordinating legs, arms, with music and words was not only a good physical but also mental exercise.

    Moving on to the Folk Village, a place a really like and learned to appreciate in this trip, we had Bulgogi for lunch. After eating we went out in haste in order to explore as I have heard it takes quite a time to see everything. My friends were delighted with the place as it reminded us also to the old ways of leaving in our countries’ villages. Though the sun was blazing,  we walked around and refreshed ourselves by walking along the river and enjoying a comedy-contest show of looking for watermelons~


    This was not all, we finished with visiting Hwaseong Haeggung located in the inner part of the Hwaseong wall~ Here we enjoyed the presentation of Hwarang or acrobatic troop of Joseon times along with some gruesome histories on Prince Sado’s death. We had a nice view and refreshing time from the observatory, surrounded by such greeness! Sadly the King who built the observatory to enjoy for his late years passed away before he could~ So many sad stories contained in this place.



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