[Shooting review] Gongju – Gongsanseong fortress


On Tuesday, September 29th, Mika from Tanzania and Camellia from Morocco set off to Gongju as the third team of K-UNESCO Adventurers! The weather was just perfect for a day trip to Baekje Kingdom times.

Our first destination was Sonsang-ri tombs complex, where 7 royal tombs from more than 1500 years ago are located. Camellia and Mika were so excited to find the tomb of king Muryeong there! The tomb was discovered only a few years ago by accident, so they were lucky to see it with their own eyes. They decided to find out more about Baekje times, that it why we headed to Gongju National Museum!

At the museum Mika and Camellia had a guided tour, where they learnt a lot of interesting stories about Baekje Kingdom and the artifacts found in the tomb of King Muryeong. They even took a special experience class on Chilbo art, and made their own glass enameled bookmarks!

Our next destination was at another UNESCO World Heritage Site – Gongsanseong fortress. This fortress used to protect the castle of Ungjin (modern Gongju) 1500 years ago, and even though the castle has been destroyed the fortress is still there!

At the fortress Camellia and Mika had a race challenge, where they had to find an ancient fridge and another very special thing! Check out the link down below to find out who won the race.  They finished their race at Gongju Hanok Village where they had a fun class on making traditional desserts with chestnuts, Gongju specialty!

Our last stop was Magoksa temple, one of the oldest temples of South Korea and another UNESCO Cultural Heritage. Mika and Camellia got dressed up in the temple clothes, met a real monk and had a short templestay at that special place. They learnt a lot about the temple dining etiquette, different Buddhist ceremonies and even shared their worries with the monk at a tea ceremony! For sure, a trip to Gongju was really special and meaningful.

If you’re curious about what happened in Gongju, check out our YouTube channel!